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Something terrible has happened… My university dorm room has been broken into and ransacked. That’s the only possible explanation for the culmination of mess that has exploded in my room!
Sure, nothing was taken which may lead one to assume that no robbery occurred. One may then suggest that little Curlysblog is not the most organised person and would much rather throw her clothes onto the floor than into the washing basket which is 2 feet away- but this truth lie is clearly a vicious rumour developed by the very imaginary real robber’s that broke into my room.
After all, how can one person make such a mess in the space of 2 days?
While we’re at it, those hooligans had the nerve to eat food from my plates and didn’t even clean them up afterward. They look like the’ve been there for weeks! They even have the magical ability to make milk curdle in a cereal bowl, and all in the space of a minute.
Therefore, I declare my room officially ransacked by looters, It’s the only logical explanation. Plus the flies that hover can back me up- they saw the whole thing and they have 4000 eye lenses each!