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I don’t know who invented footnotes, bibliographies and all of the ‘formality’ crap that accompanies essay writing, but whoever it was deserves to be burnt at the stake, with a fire fuelled by grammatically incorrect essays.
As if essays weren’t hard enough, students are overshadowed by the terrifying prospect of dropping a grade for forgetting to put a full stop at the end of a footnote. Who thinks of these things!? An expert in torture? I find that I spend more time checking if I used italics correctly, than actually writing the essay… you know- the thing that people actually care about- the thing I’m graded on? The endless list of how to present your essay goes on for 84 pages… 84 PAGES! I have to wade through all of them to find out where a bracket goes. It feels like I’m 4 years old and learning how to write again.
For now, this ridiculous essay formality will continue to destroy my sanity. I’ll put up with it, but I’m not happy.
On a more festive note, I go home for the holidays next week! Right after I hand in my next essay- footnotes and all!
Pure joy…