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I understand that this title is very misleading. I can assure you that this post is not about getting a dodgy drink in a club, that makes you see green gremlins. ‘Spike sickness’ is a verified condition which is exclusively made for me. It’s like being homesick, but more selfish and pathetic…
To understand, you’re going to have to meet Spike.
Spike 2

Put your autograph books away because believe it or not, this is not the real Harry Potter. This is my mixed breed (but mainly labrador) bundle of cuteness. What you see is also the primary reason for my ‘sickness’.
Now 10 weeks into my university experience, I am undoubtedly having the best time of my life. Yet admittedly, during the night when it’s dark and I’m alone with the prospect of another essay looming over my head, I start missing home. This is where I turn into a terrible person because I use the term ‘home’ very lightly. If I’m honest with myself, there is only one thing I truly miss and that’s dog who think’s he’s Harry Potter in the photo above.
I don’t know what it is! I haven’t seen my mum or sponged off my sister in weeks. When people ask me why I look down, I receive the strangest look from them when I reply “I’m just really missing my dog”.
Every call from home goes a little like this:
Mum: Hi Sarah, are you alright? How are you finding your lectures?
Me: Yeah fine. Have you been walking the dog?
Mum: Yes… everyday. Are you doing anything tonight?
Me: Probably. But how long do you walk him for? Is it more than 10 minutes?
Mum: Yes- at least half an hour. He’s gaining a lot of weight though i must admit. It’s ever since we had to put the cone on him. Have you got any plans for the week-
Me: Woah! Why does he need a cone!? How much weight? Can he still walk? Is he going to die?
Mum: No… it’s just to stop him biting his leg. He’s not going to die, and he’s just a little chubby.
Me: Oh right. Does he look cute then? Get Sinead to send me a photo.

And she did…

I don’t know why I am like this- neither does anyone else (especially cat people) but I definitely have a serious case of ‘Spike sickness’. I don’t think it’s contagious but how can I know for sure? It’s a made up illness.
Sorry, family for not missing you, but it’s not my fault you aren’t cute and fluffy.