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I’ve been doing a creative writing course at university and never before has the desire to be original been so apparent. Of course, being a writer you have to stand out- you can’t just copy out the plot of ‘Oliver Twist’, change the name to Oliviero and call it your own. But is does originality truly exist?
Our thoughts have to come from somewhere- another book, a movie, an idea etc. To me nothing is truly innovative and original and is simply a translation of another idea.
As an aspiring writer, this may be abhorrent to hear- but I am not on a quest of originality. I want to write about something which I enjoy to write. It may share some resemblance to a book that was written 20 years before but it will never be exactly the same, the differences arise from the underlying messages.
That’s just a quick brain fart; I’m going to get back to being a paraletic drunk now (that’s the kind of thing a student should be doing right?)