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It’s not my fault- It’s yours.
It’s a dog-eat-dog-world where only the cunning, slime-balls and sneaks can survive.
It’s your fault really.
I say it, your family says and society says it-
I exploit the stupid and you should have been more careful.
Had your purse been more secure- If you had only kept your expensive possesions in a zipped pocket, my hand wouldn’t have so easily grasped the money and the phone quite so easily.
I’m just doing my job- teaching you a valuable life lesson, so you’ll be more careful in the future.
There are some real low-life scumbags out there after all.
It’s all you! How can you blame me?
You left your door unlocked…
And how can I resist the sizzling money-bank temptation in the form of a laptop- in plain view of the window?
And you’re mad at me?
Even the police know it’s all your fault!
They won’t look for me- they won’t even bother, because they know I’m too far gone.
Too clever.
And your insurance won’t cover it because you committed a social sin!
You left the door unlocked… your own door… your own house door- unthinkable
Are you starting to see?
Who is to blame?
It can’t be me!
You were asking for it.
No-one wears a dress that short, or lips that red, if they aren’t looking for that one thing.
We both know what you wanted…
Now you’re a lesson. A screaming lesson to the world, about the dangers of the night.
Obviously society needs to change- not me!
And people like you are the root of the problem.
Who are you- a single, vulnerable woman- to walk alone after 9pm?
I own the night. I make the rules… and you’ve missed your curfew.
It’s all you!
You need to be safer.
More vigilant.
More wary.
Less cocky…
I can stay just as I am, because that’s what’s expected!
And you want to blame me?
To blame the offender?
I think the world’s gone mad…