Last night I had what I thought was a creative ‘eureka’ moment. I had a vivid dream that that I thought was a great idea for a young adult novel. As soon as I awoke, I had a buzz of excitement in the pit of my stomach at the ‘amazing’ dream I had.
I remember thinking: ‘This will be a huge seller, I can tell!’ as I scribbled the dream down in the hazy 5am light, hoping I could read when it came to writing this ‘brilliant’ novel.
Well of course, you know where this is going.
The idea would never be a best seller. At best, if it ever were to be published, it would end up in the bargain bins in those ‘jumble-sale-esque’ shops. It was so bad, that when I re-read it, I was doubled over laughing wondering how deluded a person can be when they have just woken up.
I bet the suspense is killing you, so here it is! My ground-breaking, best selling, mind blowing story idea!

Cant read it? I couldn’t either. After many minutes of staring and ‘what the hell?’-ing, Here is a translation of what (I think) I wrote:

‘Adam and Eve and apples. Set in modern day where Adam and Eve are sent to purgatory by God. Last warning of the apocalypse, where they collect apples or everyone dies.
Like ‘The Running Man’. He chases them and is surrounded by lazers.
A Hobo is disguised as the devil. Devil represents evil humanity.’

Somehow, my brain had merged the Bible, a video game, and the movie ‘The Running Man’ to form a ‘super’ story. I must have had a high temperature, because even for me that story is messed up! At what point did my brain think that the addition of the hobo was necessary? And better yet, that the hobo is the devil (plot twist!)
The sad thing is, this isn’t my first creative ‘Eureka’ moment. So many dreams I have scribbled down, and only one to date as been somewhat ok- AKA not insane.
Maybe I’ll show you them another time- once I get over the embarrassment of showing you this one!