The inspiration for this blog occurred at exactly 10:13 this morning. I opened my eyes to see my mother and sister standing over my bedside- as soon as my eyes opened the torrent of abuse began…
“Wake up!”
*Rips open the curtains*
“You’re so lazy!”
“It’s past 10am- I’ve been up since 7am, and I’ve already cleaned the bathroom AND walked the dog!”
To which I reply (or more mumble in my just-woken-up delirium)
“10am? That early!?”
This is a scenario that only other night owls and I can understand.
If you are uncommon with the terms ‘owl’ and ‘lark’ (in the human sense), they are basically names for those who sleep early and rise early (larks) and those who sleep late and rise late (owls);You will come to see that I am most certainly the latter…
Larks can call us ‘lazy wasters’, but they fail to recognise that we only went to sleep at 3am this morning, while they were probably out by 11. Furthermore, we don’t stay up late because we want to, but because we are biologically determined to do so. Our nocturnal circadian rhythms force us to spend those unfatigued moonlit hours surfing the web, or finishing that essay last minute.
I think night owls have been given a bad reputation for being ‘lazy slobs’ who waste their day, and when I tell a lark that I am an owl they pity me.
But should they?
Studies suggest that night owls are wealthier and wiser than larks, being described as “innovative thinkers” who have success in later life. Famous night owls include Barrack Obama, Charles Darwin and Elvis Presley.
Granted, there are some famous larks including George W. Bush- but that’s fine, you can keep him…
President Bush quote

In short, respect the sleeping patterns of one another! I wouldn’t shake my lark mother and sister at midnight screaming “Why are you sleeping!? It’s still early!”.
So please- don’t wake us at some godforsaken hour like 10 am, because it may aswell be 5am! And after all, you wouldn’t want to see us when we’re cranky…

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