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“Україна ще не вмерла, не має її славу або свободу,” -“Ukraine hasn’t yet died, nor has her glory or freedom,”
-The Ukrainina national anthem

Blue, Yellow –Stained with red-
The flag of today, which straggles and thrashes.
Slit our throats, and it will be silent,
the song of despair of the violence and clashes.

Blue, yellow- engulfed with black-
The flag of today, they tie around our tongues.
If breathing means change,
they’ll rip out our lungs.

Blue, Yellow- or is it Blue Red?
The flag of today, in an uncertain hour.
Blinded by ‘viktory’,
the word from a mouth so corrupted with power.

Blue, Yellow- perforated-
The flag of today, ripped open with metal.
They cast it away with our ashes,
show them a gun and a nation will settle.

Blue, Yellow- fringed with fire-
The flag of today, set alight for tomorrow.
they allow us no words.
We die or we follow.

Blue, Yellow- can you even see the colours?-
The vibrant flags of today, reflect the life that’s in our hearts.
Rip the money from your eyes,
see the goodness life imparts.

Blue, yellow. Blue, yellow

Featured image: http://www.istockphoto.com/photo/ukrainian-boy-with-ukraine-flag-10590748