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I am famous for my indecisive brain, and fear at making the wrong decisions (you should see me play Cluedo!).
How can a 17 year old girl with no life experience know if getting an English degree is the right choice?
There I was, belief that my mind was set; I was going to get a honors degree in English Literature because I love everything about it… but then I started researching.
Blogs, posts, discussions, all slating humanity degrees for piling extra debt onto our shoulders, leaving us jobless, homeless, and with nowhere to turn when the degree is over.
One such blog from Thomas H Benton truly hit home
His blog described my current thought processes exactly; how my un-experienced optimism clouds reality, how I receive high praise and get good grades in English. The blog made me question my internal thought processes; am I getting a degree because it is expected of me? do i crave the blanket of further education?
What I first thought of as a propaganda blog, soon began to ring true.
How can I ignore a blog that I found myself relating to?
I have always been mummy-coddled when it comes to choosing university degrees, and perhaps we all need blogs and discussions that tell us cold hard facts before we make the wrong decision.
Is an English degree worthless?
I say now that i am only going to university for the experience… career and worth are secondary; but will I feel the same in 4 years time when i wish i did something that could be applied in the real world?
It is said, that we change our career choices around 7 times in our lives; but how can i afford to change my mind and make mistakes in society today?
All I know is that I have an intense love for English, and want to learn as much about it as I can… getting a career at the end of it doesn’t matter.
But is love enough to take such a risk, and will I be calling myself an ignorant fool this time in four years?