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As a British girl, I am constantly asked by members of other countries if our stereotypes are true. Today, my curious friends I am here to solve the mystery of British stereotypes! I understand that what I think to be true does not apply to every British citizen. It is based on my life and experience. So lets jolly-well get cracking me ole’ Muckers!

I’ll decode the stereotypes of us ‘limeys’

1. British people always drink Tea.

This is true! Us ‘Brits’ think that tea can solve everything; when Kim Jong-un Threatened to start nuclear war, we were all thinking that he just needs to calm down, and have a brew! My mother averagely drinks 7 cups per day, and the rest of my family aren’t far off!

Unlike the rest of the nation, I can’t stand tea! I don’t think it tastes if anything; only really making it when I want to dunk a biscuit. I confuse a lot of people.

2. British people have bad teeth and bad hygiene.

Before now, I didn’t know we were perceived as having bad hygiene… No wonder those tourists walked past me with their noses pinched!

In my opinion, my hygiene isn’t bad, and I can’t account for everyone else, because I don’t follow them around and monitor the frequency of their showers.

And as for the teeth… I am unashamed to admit that most of the British people’s teeth look like stone henge (Acknowledgement to my sister for that similie) You are hard pressed to walk around Britain, and find a teenager who doesn’t have braces. However, British people were apparently found to have the healthiest teeth in the world… Even if they the are out of alignment.

3. Has scruffy hair, and wears fitted clothing.

In Britain, it takes skill for your hair to look like you just rolled out of a tree this morning. Unfortunately it is true that we have scruffy hair. But scruffy is the new sexy, with girls trying to achieve the extremely tousled look… Some to such an extent that they look like they ‘tousled’ with a bear…. Boom boom, cha!

As for fitted clothing? All I can imagine is that people are viewing Zara Phillips in her horse riding outfit. We wear ‘normal’ clothes I think… Although we do share a deep relationship with tight fitting skinny jeans, and figure hugging dresses.

4. We know one direction and the queen, and we all attended Kate and Williams wedding.

First off, I hope that none of are this naive, and this stereotype stretches too far. Britain may only make up a corner of Texas, or South Africa. We are a small nation… But we are not a little village, where everyone knows everyone. I have never met one direction, and in all honesty, couldn’t care less if I did (Sorry boys!) I know of the queen. Her face is on my money, but I don’t know her personally. Although I would love to stroke her corgis!

I watched Kate and Williams wedding on the television, and had a huge street party. Al of us wouldn’t have squeezed into that church, even if we were stacked on top of one another.

5. Intelligent, and heavy drinkers.

You probably wouldn’t think this listening to me, but I suppose we are quite an intelligent nation. Our education system is better than most, and we have good universities… Although this has been in decline for a few years I think (David Cameron strikes again.) However, this does vary on where you go, and then I suppose it dips into intra-cultural variation. There is the stereotype that people from Essex are unintelligent, thanks to the degrading reality show ‘The only way is Essex’. However, people would say that individuals from Oxford are highly intelligent, thanks to the reputation of Oxford university.

And as for the drinking! As aforementioned with the tea, you can tell that us Brits are fond of our beverages… And alcohol is no exception. Brits (I’m sure like most) live for the weekend, where they booze it up, some to such an extent that they cant remember the night before.

6. We hate Americans.

I don’t understand where this has come from. How can anyone hate a whole nation of people? I honestly believe this is false with the exception of some misguided people.  This perception may have arisen because us Brit’s are known for our stiff upper lips. We generally don’t tend to like physical signs of emotion, or anything ‘cheesy’ as typically shown in many hollywood movies. Americans seem to have no problem with showing emotion (or am I stereotyping myself?). The cheesier the better. For instance, I hate having dinner with family; I find it corny, and embarrassing. I mean honestly, I will have to make small talk with these people! I find the notion of asking each other how their day is repellent *shudders*.

This seems like a normal thing for Americans… Or am I the one doing the stereotyping?

So all in all, Americans we don’t hate you! I find you to be happy and lovely people; And because it is the most appropriate thing to say, it’s not you, it’s us and our stiff upper lips that even ignite the notion that we hate you… Even though I believe this sweeping statement is utterly false.

7. We all ride bicycles.

Yes readers, I am ending on a banger! What a curious stereotype, that for some reason makes me think of people in the Victorian era with suits and frocks riding a penny-farthing.

We don’t really ride bikes. The most popular form of transport is car. Although, in over-populated cities such as London, I would say the majority of people do ride bikes. The roads are so congested, that riding a bike is faster than driving a car. On my trips to London, I have found myself crawling through streets, taking as long as half an hour to travel one mile! There are even several places around London where you can hire a bike to ride around, and bring it back the next day.

Perhaps now your view of the British is clearer! The stereotypes have been well and truly cleared up… Or left to rot. After all, us Brits aren’t thought to be the most hygienic of people 🙂 if you have any stereotypes of your own to ask, don’t be shy. I don’t think I can get any more offended that I already am anyway!

😉 see we do have some sense of humour!

Featured image: http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/p/keep-calm-and-drink-tea-1301/