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People have said that nothing good will come from the social networking site ‘Facebook’, describing it as a nesting site for cyber bullies, which doesn’t go to the necessary lengths to stop the bitching and gossiping.

I didn’t believe them… Until what I saw yesterday.

‘Hot or not’ is a Facebook ‘game’ whereby a person rates their Facebook friends according to their appearance. This is disgusting enough, but their all important rating is not messages to them privately, but instead it is transmitted via video, for the whole of the Internet to see. I have even discovered some of these videos on YouTube.

It really does make you question society, and I know that this is a cliche, but we are obsessed with our looks!

How sad that some would risk public humiliation to be judged by one of their peers! Are they really lacking this much confidence, that they have to seek the reassurance of others? And then this reassurance is not found, as the Godlike figures cast their judgement in the most patronising way.

*smoothing out hair, pouting*

‘sorry, don’t mean to offend , but you are really not hot’

Here are some quotes from the videos I found

“sorry if we offend you… Actually we’re not because you shouldn’t have liked the status in the first place”

“I wouldn’t call you hot”

“you’re really ugly, and need to be shot in the head several times”

Bluntly ” (name withheld) you’re not”

in their defence they argue that they are only giving their opinion, and if people don’t want it they don’t have to ask for it. Fair enough, but I believe that this is a form of judgemental bullying disguised as a harmless game; a game which exploits people’s insecurities, and broadcasts their humiliation across the Internet.

This is not a game. It can leave those who value others opinions deeply upset and embarassed. How can anyone condone a “game” that does exactly what society, and our parents have taught us not to do; Judge others by their appearance.