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I’ve been nominated for an award? what?! thank you to @Themostlyconfusedteenager for nominating me! I know I won’t win. I am a fairly new blogger, with few followers; but i am grateful for the mostly confused teenager to consider me, and would rather you vote for her (or however this works) as she is honestly a fantastic blogger, her work is so funny, entertaining and passionate. I will leave a link to her page at the end, because everyone deserves to read her work.

There are some rules.

1. Display the award Certificate on your blog.

How embarrassing, I don’t know what this means! Perhaps the picture? I’ll figure it out! For a teenager, I’m pretty hopeless with technology and all it’s lingo!

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

as aforementioned the mostly confused teenage nominated me. Check out her blog linked at the bottom!

3. Present 15 awards to 15 deserving bloggers

The chosen ones have also been linked. You will also find their wake some blogs at the bottom of this page

4. Leave them a comment to let them know after you have linked them to a post. 

Oh I will… >:) I will…

5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself

I’m not a very interesting person… Some say weird, but never interesting!

Well, here we go! Wish me luck!

1. My favourite food is bread. I know what your thinking…

‘This girl is about as interesting A brick wall’

First off, I happen to find brick walls highly interesting! They make me laugh when people walk into them (Brick walls are mean); secondly, my relationship with bread is not completely sane. I only like one type of bread, the tiger one from Sainsbury’s. I will go out of my way to get that bread! Heck! I even got  a loaf of the bread for my birthday yesterday!

2. I have been told I have an ‘inappropriate laugh’. So much so, it has destroyed friendships. It doesn’t help that my laugh sounds like a demon crying in pain as it leaves my body.

Its bad.

When someone tells me that a relative dies, my little demons plays up and I start to laugh! Then I can’t stop. Friendship terminated. But it’s not my fault, it my writhing demonic laugh! Let’s call him Bob, because although my laugh has caused me many problems, and don’t want to that’d him, and how can you hate anything called Bob?

3. I hate politicians (here’s looking at you David Cameron). Everyone hates politicians, so I suppose that doesn’t make me interesting. It makes me the same! But it has to go on here because my fingers are typing on their own, and I can’t stop them!

4. My favourite book is ‘The hunger games’! I absolutely love it! My least favourite is twilight. Sorry Twihards, and the lady on youtube who made reaction videos, but I just think its dumb! Unbelievably, I used to like the books, excited for the next one! I even incorporated breaking dawn into one of my art homeworks! Then one day (after reasons why it is dumb coming from my best friend) I had an epiphany. A 109 year old man fall in love with an underage girl, and she accepts it… Because he is pretty. Aww! Gotta love the paedophillia! I could go on, but that my friends is for another blog, as I still have more facts!

5. I am a little bit of an adrenaline junkie. Not so much so, that I would throw myself of a cliff and see if I would survive (another reason why twilight is dumb). But I love nothing more than a good theme park! I have never been to ones outside of England, my favourite is one in London called Thorpe park. I tucking only spending 6 minutes on rides, and the rest of the 6 hours cueing, but I love it! I would really like to try some rides in America, and go sky diving one day. (Oh! And I also love horror movies… Which kinda ties in with the adrenaline thing :/)

6. I’m not scared of much (invincible curlysblog!) apart from needles! I have a crippling fear of needles, and why wouldn’t you!? They are terrifying! Who wants to be stuck with a pointy rod!? I always look like a baby when I go for a blood test, and I start crying when I see the needle! You should have seen me when I had to get injected to have my teeth removed. 7 times! The people in the waiting room must have heard me crying and humming oops I did it again by Britney Spears… Strange that that is my go to panic song…

7. I am a HUGE animal lover. If I didn’t love English so much, I would have wanted to become a vet in the future. I have grown up with pets all my life, but dogs are by far my favourite animals. They are so cute and fluffy! And they comfort you when you’re sad. What isn’t to love?

I remember once, me and my friend brought a injured, flea ridden squirrel home to my parents. They wanted to kill it with a rock. I wanted to take it to the vet! I named him Hammy, because as aforementioned everything is better when it has been named! However, if you find yourself in similar circumstances, DO NOT NAME A DIEING ANIMAL! As soon as Hammy stopped breathing, I found myself crying like a fool, for an animal I met 10 minutes ago. My sister still laughs at me to this day for that incident!

There is a lesson to learn from this. The process of naming can either be a salvation, or a right pain in the butt!

So there you go! I really wish I could write more, I have so many more to share with you! That’s for another blog! Remember to check out the blogs below, and to the 15 I nominate I hope you take up the challenge. Just for fun like I did, or because you want to win. Either Is fine, you all deserve your nomination.

Themostlyconfusedteenager- the blogger who nominated me.

Now my 15 nominees: