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This is it. (No this is not about Michael Jackson) The final post where I can call myself a 16 year old. In one hour from now, I will enter the awkward age of 17 where the only thing to look forward to is learning how to drive… Or in my case learn how to crash; and eagerly count down the days until the fun, free age of 18.

Officially one year away from being classed as an ‘adult’, and I will still be ID’d for an age 15 movie. One year away from being legally an adult, and I have the common sense and maturity of a 12 year old (it makes you worry doesn’t it?).

The difference an hour makes! Now I’m calm. Thinking one hour is plenty of time to achieve all of the things I planned to do this time last year! As soon as the midnight bell tolls, I will turn into a crazy cat lady (minus the cat) who screams

“what have I done with my life!” To anyone who will care to listen.

17… I have bitterly anticipated your visit ever since my friends told me how awkward you are! Please be good to me, and I will try to achieve the goals I set in the short time we have together.

Happy birthday to me!

And God help me on my 30th!