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I tried to warn everyone. I knew it as soon as i saw Justin Bieber’s ‘baby’ fly high in the UK charts, and the contagious ‘Bieber Fever’ began to infect the world. Everyone praised the young star, envious of the life he would have in the future… i could see what they couldn’t
No good can come from a rocket to fame at such a young age.
I hate to say i told you so… but i told you so.
Justin Bieber strikes again, hitting the headlines with jail threats and drug scandals, on a progressively worsening downward spiral. 
But with over 40 million twitter followers, (or ‘beliebers’) mostly of the younger generation hopelessly infected with the contagious ‘Bieber Fever’, questions should be raised about Bieber as a role model. 
In all fairness the heart-throb criminal isn’t doing too bad for himself. His single ‘baby’ has broken US chart history going 12 times platinum in America and making 3.9 million track sales.
Sounds like a load of jargon to me too, but apparently this is pretty impressive.
Despite being one of Biebers target audience, i cannot seem to see past the hollow lyrics, written only to be ‘catchy’ without any meaning behind the words.
Never-the-less, my argument can’t stand up to the 40 million ‘Beliebers’ who would say otherwise.
“Shawty is my eenie-meenie-miny-mo lover”
Apparently there is a lot of depth in this chorus, even though it looks like an alien language.
‘Belieber’ or not, i cannot begin to fathom why there is such a huge fan-base surrounding Justin Bieber, and how this fan base stands strong against all of Bieber’s downfalls caused, i believe by the pressures facing him from young fame. 
Can they see Bieber’s struggles, past the title of ‘menace’ slapped on him… or are they just hypnotized by his pop-star looks.
Perhaps they are too riddled with ‘Bieber Fever’ to see how ludicrous their infatuation with the pop-star is. 

Luckily, this is an illness of which i am definitely immune