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I was told something today, that made me question the minds of humanity.
I was told that English literature just involved ‘stories’, and there is no real point to the subject.
If you share the same view, you are strongly misguided.
Literature explores the flaws of society, highlighting the grueling dark side that lurks beneath the human skin. The villainous protagonists in literature show us the capability of humans for destruction, so that we may not replicate their actions.
Old classics from writers such as the Bronte sisters who wrote feminist books such as Jane Eyre; although written in the victorian era, the deep root of the feminist message still resonates in society today.
Classical books aren’t the only pieces of literature to consider, modern books such as the ‘Hunger Games’ are more than just ‘stories’. Behind the movie bravado sits a book with a deep political message about the potential for corruption in the government, as they strive to maintain a hierarchy of power; A dystopian future is discovered, that is not too difficult to imagine in reality. 
English literature is more than just reading ‘stories’. It’s hard hitting, deep rooting messages that impale you like bullets in the form of nouns, metaphors, and exclamation marks. Literature makes you question your very being, often discovering a chilling side of yourself this literature has just uncovered. Are you a follower? Does society shape the way you live your life?
No matter how terrible the book (Sorry Twi-hards, but i’m calling Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight franchise out) a message can also be established- no matter how weak- that has potential to shape and construct our moral code.
English Literature is beautiful, and cannot be compared to the simplicity of a ‘story’.