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I’ve heard it said, that the youth’s of this age are “wasting their lives on the internet”, instead of frolicking in the sunshine (or consistent drizzle if you’re in Britain).
I would love to agree, that I would much rather every child ditched the laptop, grabbed the skipping rope, and pack of cards to go on a stand by me’ adventure… although hopefully with fewer corpses. I wish I could agree… but i can’t resist the hypnotic lull the internet has on me.
It’s nothing short of miraculous! Everything you ever need to know, compressed into wires and cables. Want to know who holds the Guinness world record for the longest eyelashes? Click, tap, type… hey presto! (It’s Stuart Muller by the way).
Ok, sure… even I sit and think at times, ‘there’s a day wasted making an artificial farm, feeding and cleaning the poop of simulated animals’. However, these days cannot compare to the time well spent. Research for work, ready at the click of a button! This compared to the unimaginable days of finding information from books!
Not to mention, without the internet, you would not be reading my wonderful pearls of wisdom.
People can criticise us for time wasting, but can many hold a valid opinion? How many of those people also ‘waste’ their time watching television?
Watching a hilarious PewDiePie video on YouTube, is just the same as watching an episode of ‘The Jeremy Kyle show’ right?
People can say that the internet is controlling us the young generation of the world, but for the most part I believe this accusation is strongly  misguided.
No-one can deny the innovation that the internet brings to the surface. Creativity, that I didn’t know was even possible, displayed in a clever game, or video!
Times have changed, and so have we. Each generation, will indefinitely criticise the next. The development of technology shows human progression, and will advance into something which we cannot in this century, even fathom; Or as Bill Gates says “The internet is becoming the town square of the global village of tomorrow”
The internet is advancement, not time wasting. 

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