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A-levels capped! Cameron hits education…again.

Woe and behold, David Cameron strikes again!
He’s like a toddler with a rubix cube!
He just won’t stop fiddling with matters that don’t need to be addressed!
The government believes there are “serious problems” with the exams, that they do not prepare pupils properly for university.
What a load of rubbish!
Why then give us the gargantuan time waster that is CPSHE, which goes out of its way to bore us to death with skills needed for university. If we have CPSHE, how much more can exam styles teach us!?
The safety blanket of a resit takes pressure off students, and gives them a second chance if they were having an off day, or suffered an experience that would impede their performance.
But no… Mister Cameron doesn’t see this, and just thinks that resits lower the value of an A-level in a universities eye.
But don’t resits also show that a student is determined to reach their target grade?
and isn’t determination an attribute that universities look for ?
Yes, according to my CPSHE lessons, it is.
Okay, perhaps the current exam style does ‘dumb down the education system’, and we need to cope with pressure if we go to university and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
Cameron needs to put down his magnifying glass, and stop burning the proverbial ants of education.
The constant change in education is leaving my head in a jumbled mesh of confused question marks. O-levels to be brought back, mandatory 16-18 education, university tax, and the list goes on…
If you keep tweaking a picture, it’s will eventually amount to a jumble of scribbles, so mister Cameron needs to put the crayons down.
Education is not perfect. But what is?
Why make unnecessary, unpopular changes, when 3.9 million children in the UK live in poverty? Solve this problem, before you mess with a system that is excellent compared to other, poorer countries.
Targeting education is just a way for Cameron to make a ‘big-boy’ decision that he thinks will keep him in power, yet he ignored our voices when we are the next generation of voters.
It’s about time he realised that play time should have ended long ago.